Self Guided Tutorials

On this page you will find two self guided tutorials based on our Stress Management and Taking Control workshops. 

Stress Management

Sarah Cox, Information and Support Officer and Ann Marie Flanagan, Regional Development Officer, will guide you through 4 short stress management interventions that you can follow in your own time.

Part 1 – Understanding Stress

Part 2 – Responding and Reacting – The Stress Cycle

Part 3 – The Stress Cycle – Unhelpful Thinking

Part 4 – The Drama Triangle in Managing Stress

Taking Control

Here you can follow a 6 part series of short tutorials based on our Taking Control Workshop. These tutorials, created by members of our Regional Development Team, are aimed at supporting you in practical ways, to take control of your mental and physical wellbeing.

Introduction to Taking Control series

Taking Control Part 1 – Process of Chang

Taking Control Part 2 – Taking Stock 

Taking Control Part 3 – Stress

Taking Control Part 4 – Supports

Taking Control Part 5 – Resilience

Taking Control Part 6 – Goals

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