Resource Centres & Waterford Discovery Hub

Resource Centres

The Shine Dublin Resource Centre and the Shine Cork Resource Centre provide information, support and educational and training opportunities for people experiencing mental ill health. The resource centre teams work in partnership with local mental health teams to provide a community and person-centred approach to recovery.

Our resource centres are based on the principles of co-operation, conversation, partnership and empowerment. Members are the most important stakeholders. The day to day operations of the centres depend on their involvement.

All members are encouraged to raise issues or make suggestions about the activities, policies, procedures and the running of the centres through a weekly members forum.

Every week, activities like these happen at the resource centres:

  • Provision of information and advocacy (e.g. training, employment, housing, rights and entitlements, services and supports)
  • Skills development through participation (e.g. administration, reception duty, facilitation skills)
  • Access to resources (e.g. training and meeting rooms, computers and internet)
  • Group support and one to one support
  • Creative groups (e.g. art classes, creative writing)
  • Training and education courses (e.g. Taking Control course, stress management, health and nutrition, mindfulness, WRAP, yoga)
  • Social outings
  • Networking with local community services and supports (e.g. housing clinics, mental health teams, VEC)

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Waterford Discovery Hub

The Waterford Discovery Hub is a centre of excellence and recovery hub that acts as a resource for people with self- experience of mental ill health and their families.

The purpose of the centre is to provide time and space for each individual to build on their strengths and develop the understanding and skills they need to navigate life’s issues.

The services provided here include:

  • one to one meetings with both people with self-experience of mental ill health and their family members
  • support groups
  • workshops
  • special projects
  • information
  • support

We recognise the importance and benefit of the shared experiences and learning within peer groups and between different stakeholder groups; i.e. service users, families and supporters and health professionals.

Shine Discovery  works collaboratively with the community, voluntary groups, the Health Service Executive and other statutory organisations, with the aim of providing a recovery oriented service to people with self experience of a mental health difficulty.

Your Personal Discovery Map

At the Discovery Centre, you will be invited to form your own unique Personal Discovery Map.

Moving from feeling/perceiving to knowing and discovering is aided by discussing, questioning and stating. The map is devised to guide you in doing this, to discover your strengths and resilience that you can harness into your own recovery plan.

You will be encouraged to use techniques such as reflective thinking, exploration, examining evidence, clarifying your own experience and coming to a conclusion.

The Shine Discovery building will also make space available for other groups in the community to deliver programmes or workshops which promote  the concept of recovery and discovery to both people with self experience of mental ill health and their supporters and family members.

Want to get in touch with your nearest centre?


The Basin Club

13 Belvedere Court

Dublin 1

Malachi Mc Coy (Coordinator) 086 8525136

Lou Van Laake (Mon to Wed) 083 4853514

Frank Black 086 0407701

Shaun Mc Guinness 083 4857698


The Basement Resource Centre

14A Washington Street West


Tian Herbert (Coordinator) 086 8525147

Aisling Foley 086 4185068

Joanne Lee (Tues to Thurs) 086 0411368

Alessandra Bertone 086 032 7713


1/2 Barronstrand Street

The Quays


Martin Matthews (Coordinator) 086 8525562

Sinead Heffernan (Tues to Thurs) 086 7700246

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