Newsletter submission policy

The Shine Newsletter is the main vehicle for communicating information about Shine’s activities externally. It is integrated with both our website and social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook. The purpose of the Shine Newsletter is to keep its subscribers up-to-date with new developments and ongoing activities within Shine and its projects and to share information related to mental health issues where appropriate.

Authorisation Forms

It is our policy to only publish someone’s work, details or image with the individual’s consent. This is in keeping with Shine’s Policy on Data Protection and The Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003. You must complete an authorisation form for any content you submit to the Shine Newsletter. You must also submit signed Authorisations forms from any individuals who feature in any content that you wish to be published in the Shine Newsletter. If relevant signed Authorisation forms are not produced, the submission will not be published.

What can I submit to the Shine Newsletter?

Submissions to the Shine Newsletter should be news based and factual. Information about the following will be considered for the Shine Newsletter:

● Activities and events Shine is involved in
● Activities and events that Shine’s projects Headline or See Change are involved in
● Information about developments in Shine’s services, for example, new workshops or peer support groups, or
● Information about events related to mental health that our members may be interested in, for example, conferences, workshops.


Submissions that contain Inappropriate or derogatory language will not be accepted.

● Keep language simple and accessible
● Avoid foul language
● Use short sentences
● Avoid abbreviations and jargon
● Remember that people may not be familiar with some mental health terminology
● Avoid slang


Accepted formats to the Shine Newsletter are articles, Videos, Audio and Images.

● Articles should be no longer than 600-800 words long.
● Videos should be no more than 8 minutes long. URLs of ‘links’ to videos locations online, for example, on You Tube are preferable.
● Audio files should be no more than 8 minutes long. URLs or ‘links’ to audio content online, for example, on Sound Cloud are preferable.
● Images should be in JPEG format. Images should be in focus and free from shadows.

We do not generally publish creative work in the Shine Newsletter. If you would like to submit creative work for publication on, please refer to the Shine Blog Submission Policy.


Data Protection:

Please refer to Shine’s Privacy Statement relating to your Data Protection rights.


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