Eternity in the Palm of your Hand – By Eva Burke

By Kate Morgan on Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 in Blog.

The passage of time. Eternity in the palm of your hand makes me think of religion. It makes me think of a crystal ball in the centre of your hand. Endless and Eternal. No beginning or end. Peace and tranquillity. Eternity is forever. Eternity in the palm of your hand makes me think of palm reading. Reading the lines to predict the future. The lines in your palm can be mysterious. Eternity makes me think of wild horses, running forever. Gazing at the palm of your hand makes me wonder what is eternal. Eternity means skies( dark blue) and misty clouds in a twilight evening. It makes me imagine heaven. The light of the moon piercing through fluffy clouds, mesmerising the eye. Sandy beaches and rolling waves crashing against the shoreline. Eternity makes me think of white light. all the colours of the rainbow rolling into one. A symbolic sign of heaven. Magical. Eternity makes me think of soft lilting music, like pan pipes, eternal peace comes from within, comes from music. Peace comes from listening to the sound of the ocean through a shell, the music itself. The sound of horses hooves galloping along the sand, thudding in a rhythmic pace. Eternity is mind, body and spirit as one. Peace makes me think of angels wings softly beating against  the wind. Eternity is forever.

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