About Us

What we do

We aim to empower people with mental ill health and their families through support, information and education. We also advocate for social change, promoting and defending the right of all those affected by mental ill health to equal rights and quality services.

Our values

All of the work we do is based on the following principles:

  • People affected by mental ill health should be accorded equal rights and opportunities available to all other members of society.
  •  Mental ill health should not be a cause for discrimination.
  •  Working in partnership with other like-minded organisations enhances success.

Our vision

Our vision is of an Ireland where all those affected by mental ill health have the right to recovery and the opportunity to achieve the best quality of life.

Our mission

is to promote individual and family recovery.

Our main organisational objectives are:

  1. To provide appropriate and timely information and education as required to support recovery for all family members.
  2. To lead in the promotion of the right to person centred and appropriate recovery orientated services.
  3. To be a leader in initiating and participating in research and innovation to inform knowledge of recovery, policy and practice.
  4. To be a key influencer in the development of national mental health service policy and practice and the reduction of stigma and discrimination.

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Data Protection

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